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Thing 1 to Thing 3: Let's hurry and go upstairs really quiet so that Ima doesn't hear us. Shhh....let's not tell Ima we're going to use all that stuff.

The whole time she was saying that, Thing 3 was looking at me smiling.


Thing 1: I don't have my unicorn down here. I need to go upstairs to get it.

Me: Okay.

Thing 3: I need to go get my frog, too.

Me: You can wait until Thing 1 comes downstairs. 

I turn away and Thing 3 does a very exaggerated tip toe towards the stairs.


Overheard: Big Laughs

Thing 3 and I were enjoying a final Pesah snack of matzah with matbucha when she asked me a question.

Thing 3: Ima, want to hear something silly?
Me: Sure.
Thing 3: You giggle can't giggle say Shema laughs with YOUR LEFT HAND!laughs hysterically



As were were driving home today the girls were bickering as usual.

Thing 2 (to Thing 3): Go on. Get out of here!
Thing 3: I can't go anywhere because I am buckled in because Aba buckled me in.
Thing 2: I'm just pretending that you aren't buckled in.

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