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This Is Why I Go To Disneyland So Often

Why I Go to Disneyland


My little baby girl whom everyone comments is so shy and quiet will don the full Tinkerbell outfit and walk around for 7 hours in hopes that we will run into her favorite character.



Dear Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3,

Could you please get dressed just once a day?


Your washer and dryer.



Thing 3: Oh yeah...oh yeah...oh yeah...SCORE!

Thing 2: Wow Thing 3! You have so much protein in your muscles you were able to open the gate!



Thing 3: Aba said he's going to jump up and get my balloon off the ceiling!

Thing 1: I'd like to see that.



I've been going through the girls' old clothes in preparation to take them to a consignment store and have open bags and piles in the laundry room. The girls often go down there and mess it up so I was watching and caught them shortly after they went in. They were putting on sweaters. I got them back upstairs and Thing 2 had left her sweater in the basement while her sisters were wearing theirs.

Thing 2: Please, can I wear that sweater?

Thing 3: No.

Thing 2: Please? I really want to wear that sweater.

Thing 3: No. I'm wearing it because I'm cold.

Thing 2: A sweater isn't going to make you warm. These will. They keep your arms really really warm. You just put them on like this she demonstrates and your arms are really really warm. Then you don't need the sweater and I can wear it.

Thing 3 stares at her.

Thing 2: See how nice it is. Its really warm. Can I wear the sweater?

Thing 3: No.