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Thing 3: Today is the second day of the nine days.

Thing 2: That's right! Thing 1, did you hear that? We get to have cheese pasta for dinner tomorrow night because we can't eat meat!

Thing 1: Woo hoo!



Thing 1: I can't wait to be an adult. I'm going to be one before my sisters.

Thing 3: No. When you are a triplet you are the same as...the...uh...same as...the...the others. When you are born, the others are born. When you turn one, the others turn one. When you turn two, the others turn two. When you turn three, the others turn three. When you turn four, the others turn four. When you turn five, the others turn five. When you are an adult, the others are an adult.



Baking with My Girl


One of the things a lot of people have a hard time understanding is that multiples are not copies of each other. Each of the girls has a very distinct personality, interests, skills and abilities. Friday was another example of this.

As I prepare for Shabbat, the girls usually wander in and out of the kitchen looking for food, conversation and wondering what I am doing. Occassionally they will ask to help. Slowly Thing 3 has become more interested in what I'm making and how I'm doing it. Last Friday she took the step.

"I want to help."

So we made Hamin. She chose what type of beans we used (white), how many potatoes (more), if we chopped the onion or left it whole (yuck!), how we cut the sweet potato (big) and how much of each spice we put it. Then she wrapped it up and turned on the crock pot.

I had already made most of the meal so there were just a few decisions left. Rice or couscous? Couscous. Meatballs or sausages? Sausage. Egg salad or deviled eggs? "Debilled." Then came the big question. What to make for dessert and breakfast?

We finally decided on banana bread with soft butter for breakfast (recipe coming soon) and cobblers for dessert. We couldn't decide which fruit from the freezer stash to use so we made one with Queen Anne cherries and one with mixed berries. We made the biscuit dough and assembled the berry cobbler together and then her sisters wandered in to see what we were doing so Thing 3 got to instruct them on proper cobbler biscuit shaping and assembly.

That evening she helped put salads into serving dishes, set the table and chose which cobbler to serve. She shared her new skills with Aba who asked, "What did you make, Thing 2?" "Nothing. I watched She-Ra instead."



Some Photos from San Diego





Two Swings for Three Girls







(or so I'm told.)

The girls had a breakfast birthday party to attend yesterday morning. Since I was busy with last-minute preparations for their own birthday party, Aba took them. Later, the mom of the birthday girl told me that she saw two of them sharing a chair. She couldn't remember which two, but from the conversation I'm guessing it was Thing 3 and Thing 2 so I'm tentatively placing them into the roles.

Thing 3: Look at us! We're sitting in the same chair!

Thing 2: That's nothing. We were in the same tummy!

After a few different (skillful) interrogations, I've learned that it was Thing 1 who commented about being in the same chair and Thing 3 who made the tummy comment.