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Thing 3: Aba said he's going to jump up and get my balloon off the ceiling!

Thing 1: I'd like to see that.



Thing 1 to Thing 3: Let's hurry and go upstairs really quiet so that Ima doesn't hear us. Shhh....let's not tell Ima we're going to use all that stuff.

The whole time she was saying that, Thing 3 was looking at me smiling.


Thing 1: I don't have my unicorn down here. I need to go upstairs to get it.

Me: Okay.

Thing 3: I need to go get my frog, too.

Me: You can wait until Thing 1 comes downstairs. 

I turn away and Thing 3 does a very exaggerated tip toe towards the stairs.



Thing 1: Nooooo!!!! I'm going home!

Thing 2: This is your home, Thing 1.


Overheard: The Shabbat Edition

The funniest things are said over Shabbat. I don't always remember all of them, but I made a point of remembering a couple choice selections from last night and today.

Thing 2: I have idea! Let's slide down the stairs on our butts! (Sounds of kids sliding down stairs.) I win! I win!

Thing 1: I wanted to win!

Thing 3: I want to win!

Thing 2: Lets do it again. (Sounds of kids sliding down stairs.)

All: We all win!!! YAY!!!


Thing 1 (on the way to the bathroom): I don't need the ring. I know how to hold on and I won't fall into the toilet. I don't like to fall in the toilet so I hold on to the seat and don't fall in.

We get to the bathroom and there is no ring on the toilet. Thing 1 falls in. I laugh.

Thing 1: That's not funny.


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