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(or so I'm told.)

The girls had a breakfast birthday party to attend yesterday morning. Since I was busy with last-minute preparations for their own birthday party, Aba took them. Later, the mom of the birthday girl told me that she saw two of them sharing a chair. She couldn't remember which two, but from the conversation I'm guessing it was Thing 3 and Thing 2 so I'm tentatively placing them into the roles.

Thing 3: Look at us! We're sitting in the same chair!

Thing 2: That's nothing. We were in the same tummy!

After a few different (skillful) interrogations, I've learned that it was Thing 1 who commented about being in the same chair and Thing 3 who made the tummy comment.



Dear Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3,

Could you please get dressed just once a day?


Your washer and dryer.





Aba: Who won?

Thing 1: The Rabbi.

Aba: The Rabbi?

Thing 1: sighs Yes, Aba. You know...the Rabbi. With the white beard. Not the long white beard. The short white beard. 

Aba: Yes, I know the Rabbi.

Can someone tell me when my four year-old turned thirteen?



Thing 1: Pointing at a placemat featuring a photograph of the Church of the Magdalene. Ima! I just found a picture of Jasmine's tower!




Thing 2: Can Hashem see through our house?

Me: Yes.

Thing 2: Can Hashem see through our car?

Me: Yes.

Thing 2: Can Hashem see through our bodies?

Me: Yes.

Thing 1: Of course He can, silly. He's Hashem.