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Overheard: The First Day of School Edition

Afterward visiting The Huntington we stopped for lunch to celebrate the first day of school and Thing 1 exclaimed, "But we didn't learn anything!" Gee, thanks.

Me: Who's George Washington?

Thing 1 and Thing 2: The first president!

Me: How many pieces of marble do you use to make a sculpture?

Thing 2: One!

Me: Do you mix colors before painting an impressionistic painting?

Thing 3: No.

Thing 2: You dab it together on the paper.

Thing 1: Its dots.



Thing 3: Today is the second day of the nine days.

Thing 2: That's right! Thing 1, did you hear that? We get to have cheese pasta for dinner tomorrow night because we can't eat meat!

Thing 1: Woo hoo!



Thing 1: I can't wait to be an adult. I'm going to be one before my sisters.

Thing 3: No. When you are a triplet you are the same as...the...uh...same as...the...the others. When you are born, the others are born. When you turn one, the others turn one. When you turn two, the others turn two. When you turn three, the others turn three. When you turn four, the others turn four. When you turn five, the others turn five. When you are an adult, the others are an adult.




Thing 1: I did a quiet butt burp!

Thing 2: You mean you did a SIBD.


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