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Thing 1: Are you okay?

Thing 3: Someone left their computer plugged in and I TRIPPED!

Thing 1: Um, that's your computer.


Memory Lane

I've been tidying up the blog this past week. (Did you notice?) One of these tasks ended up with me reading through old posts in the Overheard category. Man are my kids hilarious and a bit snarky! I wonder where they got that from?

Some highlights?

Discussing their gifts from HaShem.

Realizing how much they've shared.

Figuring out how not to be nice.

Convincing her sister that she really isn't cold enough for a sweater. (This one had me in tears because I can see Thing 2 doing this today.)


Overheard: The I Come Running Edition

The girls are outside and I'm in the dining room setting the table.

Thing 1: Don't tell Ima...

Thing 2: What?

Thing 1: Don't tell Ima.




Thing 2: Why did they call Joseph "King of Dreams"?

Thing 1: Because he kept having those dreams.

Me: HaShem gives everyone a gift. His was to understand what dreams meant.

Thing 2: Do I have a gift?

Me: Yes, but it usually takes a while to learn it.

Thing 2: Maybe mine is being a Jew?

Thing 1: Mine is being awesome.


Overheard: The Star Wars Edition

We've recently finished the original Star Wars trilogy. Naturally, the movies have now filled the girls' vernacular. 

While playing Uno, Thing 1 was a bit upset that Thing 3 was winning.

Thing 2 to Thing 3: Let the wookiee win.
Thing 1: aaaaaaaaa!

About Darth Vader while watching the opening of Return of the Jedi.

Thing 1: Doesn't he miss his son?

Upon seeing the ewoks for the first time.

Thing 3: LOOK! It has a shofar!
Thing 2: tootootootootoo
Thing 3: Its a giant hamster with a shofar!

About Princess Leia's Hoth hairdo.

Thing 2: Can you do my hair like that? Then I can be a real princess.

Watching Jabba the Hutt eat.

Thing 1: Ewww! That is so disgusting! That is just so disgustong! Isn't that disgusting?

Anytime Han and Leia kissed.

All three together: Ewwww! And then they looked away.