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Shavuot Customs

Shavuot is coming up soon and I thought I'd share some of our family minhagim (customs).

  • Our family eats two meat and two dairy meals for the chag. usually its meat at night and dairy lunch, but this year Shavuot is motzei Shabbat. Having two heavy meals in a day (especially one late at night) doesn't sit well with Aba or I. This year Sunday night and Monday lunch will be meat and Saturday night, Sunday lunch will be dairy.
  • With meat meals we eat a dish with some type of intestine. Usually sausage (merguez) or sweetbreads. The reason is that half the holiday should be for G-d and half for us. This is a treat for us.
  • With dairy meals we eat some sort of sweetened matza or wheat. The most common (and easiest!) is to mix milk and honey and pour over crushed matza.
  • Shavuot is the traditional birthday and azkara of David haMelech so we read all of tehillim.
  • We decorate the house with flowers as a remembrance of how Har Sinai blossomed.
  • The week followiing Shavuot is called "The week of Torah" and I try to bring out something special for each meal.