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Bye-bye Pesah


Hello everyone! How was your Passover? Ours was incredible and amazingly it felt too short. Which is something I never thought I would say about an eight day holiday.

Here are some highlights:

  • The girls got tokens for asking or answering questions, doing things, helping, saying brachot, etc. My favorite is when Thing 2 asked something and Thing 1 answered her. Made my heart swell!
  • Just as the "when do we get to eat" questions got rough, we came to the makot and got showered with "hail" marshmallows. Took us through to the meal with no problems.
  • I got the girls two small toys each (a Polly Pocket and a Squinkee ring) and gave one to them before each seder. It helped distract them, though not as much as last year. They are growing up!
  • The girls hid the afikomens multiple times for everyone to get a shot at finding them. (We had three. Thing 2 and Thing 3 each had a seder plate and we had the family plate.)


Food wise:

  • Matzah pizza
  • Meat and potato matzah mina
  • A breakfast Aba described to me that his parents made that was pretty good. We call it Aba's Pesah French Toast.
  • Flourless chocolate cake
  • Orange chicken
  • Grated carrot salad (The girls and I created this a few Shabbatot ago.)


And, of course, mimuna with mafleta. I made 4 dozen and they were gone. We had five people come over and one of them had grown up with his mother and community making mafleta and said mine were great! Such a compliment considering it was only my second time making them and I've never eaten any that I haven't made. 

So everything is packed away for another year and I have a list of what I need, what I used, what I want to do different and what I want to practice making during the year for next Pesah.

L'shanah haba b'Yerushalayim!



Passover Rhapsody


My Kitchen is Ready

What's the first thing a traditional foodie makes in her newly clean-for-Pesah kitchen? Roast chicken! After dinner the carcass and some vegetables were tossed into a pot to make home broth.

I'm not sure why, but that broth was so much better than usual. My best guess is that a lot more water evaporated over night since this pot's lid had a vent.

Next up? I've pickled a lemon and have lentils sprouting for pre-Pesah meals of dal and lentil soup. After that a couple of desserts while I wait for my meat order on Monday.

What's the first thing you make in your Pesah kitchen?


Pesah Desserts

Want to bust your Pesah budget? Buy prepared desserts. Talk about sticker shock! 

Instead of the bakery, I'll be spending a couple of days focussing on baking. 

You won't find any of these recipes here because I don't have the time or the patience to participate in the science experiments of Pesah baking. I'll leave that to the geniuses.

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