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Its Done!

or I've Been Knitting Again!

Its bee a while since I've picked up the needles, but I'm back in action baby. I've been having a blast getting rid of yarn I'll never use and figuring out uses for yarn I still have. I let the girls pick out a couple matching skeins each and I'm working on hats/mittens/gloves/gauntlets/scarves/ear warmers in some combination as requested. 

First up is a hat that I pretty much re-made. It was a cap to practice two-colored knitting. Then it got a hole that I couldn't figure out how to repair to my standards. The hole was right under the colorwork so I figured I could just re-do the brim and a couple rounds of white. Then Thing 2 decided it was hers and she wanted hearts on it. And a hemmed edge. With some "waves" along the edge. It turned out pretty well except for some gauge issues with the right and left hands and that I forgot I had increased after the brim originally so there is a bit of a flare. She likes it, though.



Thing 1 doesn't like hats so she wanted a headband like I've made for various people in various yarn. She also wanted a super-soft yarn so I used a light worsted hand-dyed by Beemer Knits. Yum! 




Finally is a Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend that is technically not done but I'm counting it as done. We have the custom of not finishing baby stuff until the baby has arrived so I have some ends to weave adn buttons to sew but its all in a bag ready for baby's arrival. This was a family project as Thing 1 chose the yarn, Thing 2 chose the trim and Thing 3 chose the buttons and I did the knitting.


Baby Surprise Jacket


On my needles now? Ishbel (which I've lost interest in now that I'm *this close* to finishing) and a Pi are Square Shawl in Icelandic Unspun that I don't need until winter so it is slowly getting done. I also have another bath mat for the girls' bathroom but I hate it and don't know why I decided to do a second one since I hated the first. Go figure. 

On my queue for this week? Thing 1's mittens and a baby thing for another baby coming this fall. 

In my near future is swatching for Aba's vest, Thing 3's colorwork hat and a nerdtacular colorwork hat for myself. 

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