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Its Done!

or I've Been Knitting Again!

Its bee a while since I've picked up the needles, but I'm back in action baby. I've been having a blast getting rid of yarn I'll never use and figuring out uses for yarn I still have. I let the girls pick out a couple matching skeins each and I'm working on hats/mittens/gloves/gauntlets/scarves/ear warmers in some combination as requested. 

First up is a hat that I pretty much re-made. It was a cap to practice two-colored knitting. Then it got a hole that I couldn't figure out how to repair to my standards. The hole was right under the colorwork so I figured I could just re-do the brim and a couple rounds of white. Then Thing 2 decided it was hers and she wanted hearts on it. And a hemmed edge. With some "waves" along the edge. It turned out pretty well except for some gauge issues with the right and left hands and that I forgot I had increased after the brim originally so there is a bit of a flare. She likes it, though.



Thing 1 doesn't like hats so she wanted a headband like I've made for various people in various yarn. She also wanted a super-soft yarn so I used a light worsted hand-dyed by Beemer Knits. Yum! 




Finally is a Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend that is technically not done but I'm counting it as done. We have the custom of not finishing baby stuff until the baby has arrived so I have some ends to weave adn buttons to sew but its all in a bag ready for baby's arrival. This was a family project as Thing 1 chose the yarn, Thing 2 chose the trim and Thing 3 chose the buttons and I did the knitting.


Baby Surprise Jacket


On my needles now? Ishbel (which I've lost interest in now that I'm *this close* to finishing) and a Pi are Square Shawl in Icelandic Unspun that I don't need until winter so it is slowly getting done. I also have another bath mat for the girls' bathroom but I hate it and don't know why I decided to do a second one since I hated the first. Go figure. 

On my queue for this week? Thing 1's mittens and a baby thing for another baby coming this fall. 

In my near future is swatching for Aba's vest, Thing 3's colorwork hat and a nerdtacular colorwork hat for myself. 

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Finished Object Friday

Well, here they are! My first two finished sweaters for me! First up is February Fitted Pullover which isn't so fitted, but that's my lesson in the importance of making a gauge swatch and then washing and blocking said swatch. I still like it and will wear it. I'm considering some elastic thread around the neckline. I'll have to see when I wear it with a blouse.

February Fitted

And here is Idlewood. Again, a bit big. It would have fit perfectly if I hadn't lost weight since casting on, but I'm not going to complain about that. If you can handle all the stockinette, the cowl should have been 2-3 inches longer and would be really awesome. I am thinking about taking out my bind-off and doing that. I do have 1-3/4 skeins left of the Maine Organic. 


I also swatched (and washed and dried) for the green sweater and that baby will be cast on tomorrow night or Sunday morning. Then I have a vest for me, a vest for Aba, Pearl Buck Swing Jacket and Linden as well as a yoke sweater of some sort on my radar as well as finishing my socks, a hat and Ishbel. Not sure what or if, but that's what I'm rumbling over.