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Making an Unschool Day Fit a School Record Sheet

Aba and I have decided to go with a public charter school this year. (More on the whys of that choice later.) Its a bit difficult for me because of my unschooling tendencies and I'm determined not to sacrifice as much as I can. What's amazing is that if you think things through an unschoolish wind down day from the holidays fits into the monthly "what we learned sheet" quite nicely.

Reading/Writing: Read Meet Caroline, played Scrabble Junior, worked on Handwriting Without Tears book 2 (Thing 3) and book 1 (Thing 2).

Life Skills/PE: Took apart sukkah, carried poles and boxes, took a walk.

History: Talked about War of 1812. Watched I Love Lucy (Vitameatavegamin episode) and talked about TV history (how they were made, black and white, ads).

Math: counted pieces of sukkah to determine what was missing. Played Candyland

Science: Watched Wild Kratts and Zoboomafoo. Looked up cats and zebras in our Wilderness book. Debated who would win in three-way fight with zebra, giraffe and cheetah. Looked up each animal to verify hypotheses.

Special Interest: Read Hebrew book, colored, drew pictures

If I actually had to turn this in, I'd have taken photos of the different activities and brought copies of art ond workbook sheets. This was one day, though, and I only meet with the teacher once a month so I'm sure we'll be adding more games, books, discussions, looking things up, projects and outings. (We have a book club outing, a hike, a dance class, a book share, and a Natural History museum trip before our next meeting.)

My intention is to not make the girls realize we have changed anything other than meeting with our teacher once a month. So far, so good.