Not-So-Inspired Ima

I can't tell you why but the last few months (a year?) I've just felt adrift. Its like something is missing in my life but I can't put my finger on it. I haven't really sat and knit, written, blogged or scrapbooked in a long time because none of it really inspires me. I don't even enjoy tv or movies anymore. They all just feel like the same ol' thing.

For a while I thought it was a baby, but I don't think that's it.

Then I thought I wanted to move to Israel and, while I do want to, that's not the craving I'm feeling.

When I try to describe it, I can't.

I need to create? No. I do create and enjoy it. I'd like more time with it, but that's not the missing piece.

I want to have fun? I do have fun and laugh all of the time. 

The closest I can come to defining this is that I want an adventure. What kind? No clue. Nothing sounds so tempting that I need it.

Pretty much, I need to figure out a way to become and inspired ima again.



Pin Collecting and Trading

Pin collecting and trading has become a large and active hobby for Shira, Batya and I. We often come across some fun finds and are excited to share, so I've decided to start writing about that, too.

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Childhood Anxiety


The girls took the first in a series of three classes on Pesah today. From the moment I signed them up until the down-time after I we left I was a big ol' ball of anxiety.

We've had some problems in the past with the girls feeling excluded in our Jewish homeschool group. I try to encourage association and friendship with other Jewish homeschoolers since a lot of the experiences are shared. It seems that they come running to me crying because this girl isn't talking to them or that girl said they don't want to play with them.

It got to the point that when Thing 2 would go to the mark the group of girls were standing at, the girls would run away. Soon there was a gaggle of girls running and giggling as my precious little girl chased them with tears starting! I wanted to puke.

Add to it the horrid bullying that Thing 2 is dealing with at the Beit Knesset and its not been a pleasant situation. (Note to self: post about this hassle to see if anyone has ideas we haven't tried.)

What's been most difficult for me are the feelings this has brought up. I remember being so lonesome and painfully shy to boot. I was the girl who preferred hanging out with the chaperones instead of my peers on the class trip to New York and Washington DC. It wasn't until high school that I had a small cache of people I could honestly call friends.

In the car as we drove away, the girls were all smiles about their class and excited to go back. They also invited one of the girls over for a playdate "some time" in the future. The mothers all talked about working out a monthly get-together for the kids and there is a possibility of a couple of regular group activities. 

Let's mark this one down in the win column.


Memory Lane

I've been tidying up the blog this past week. (Did you notice?) One of these tasks ended up with me reading through old posts in the Overheard category. Man are my kids hilarious and a bit snarky! I wonder where they got that from?

Some highlights?

Discussing their gifts from HaShem.

Realizing how much they've shared.

Figuring out how not to be nice.

Convincing her sister that she really isn't cold enough for a sweater. (This one had me in tears because I can see Thing 2 doing this today.)


Let's Jump!

We went to Sky High Sports yesterday for some trampoline fun. The girls were all a bit nervous about it but soon got into the groove and Thing 3 has been asking to go back "tomorrow or whenever we go to Costco again because it was really really close." 

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