Me: Aba didn't give you the trash, Thing 2.
Thing 2: I not Thing 2. I Daphne! puts hands on hips in a pout
Me: Aba didn't give it to Daphne or Thing 2.
Thing 2: Flounces off

Can you guess who was introduced to Scooby Doo this week?


Overheard: Big Laughs

Thing 3 and I were enjoying a final Pesah snack of matzah with matbucha when she asked me a question.

Thing 3: Ima, want to hear something silly?
Me: Sure.
Thing 3: You giggle can't giggle say Shema laughs with YOUR LEFT HAND!laughs hysterically


Overheard: The Big Butt Edition

I'm not sure how, but Shabbat became butt time with three hilarious girls. Earlier in the day Thing 1 was sitting on the sofa with me.

Thing 1: mumblemumblemumble poop mumblemumblemumble icky.
Me: What, honey?
Thing 1: mumblemumblemumble poop mumblemumblemumble icky.
Me: uhhh...
Zeus: WHAT?
Thing 1: Zeusy! Stop it!

Later, while they were getting ready for bed.

Thing 3 (with only her shirt on) turns around and bends over: Look at my butt!

After a few rounds of everyone bending over and shouting, "my butt!" I finally had them in their pjs.

Thing 2: Sit right there. I'm going to sing you my havdalah song.
Me: Okay.
Thing 2 (banging on her drum): I love you! I love havdalah! I don't love poop! Its really nasty and gross!



As were were driving home today the girls were bickering as usual.

Thing 2 (to Thing 3): Go on. Get out of here!
Thing 3: I can't go anywhere because I am buckled in because Aba buckled me in.
Thing 2: I'm just pretending that you aren't buckled in.



Thing 1: Nooooo!!!! I'm going home!

Thing 2: This is your home, Thing 1.