I've been going through the girls' old clothes in preparation to take them to a consignment store and have open bags and piles in the laundry room. The girls often go down there and mess it up so I was watching and caught them shortly after they went in. They were putting on sweaters. I got them back upstairs and Thing 2 had left her sweater in the basement while her sisters were wearing theirs.

Thing 2: Please, can I wear that sweater?

Thing 3: No.

Thing 2: Please? I really want to wear that sweater.

Thing 3: No. I'm wearing it because I'm cold.

Thing 2: A sweater isn't going to make you warm. These will. They keep your arms really really warm. You just put them on like this she demonstrates and your arms are really really warm. Then you don't need the sweater and I can wear it.

Thing 3 stares at her.

Thing 2: See how nice it is. Its really warm. Can I wear the sweater?

Thing 3: No.




Our First Family Meeting

I've read in a few books about the benefits of having regular family meetings. They seemed nice and I thought we would do that...when the girls were older. Last week I was reading T. Berry Brazelton's Touchpoints: 3 to Six and he mentions that four is a great time to start family meetings. 

I spent a while trying to figure out what should be included in a meeting. At four the girls aren't able to discuss ways to cut the budget or if we can bump down our cell phone minutes. Those are things Ima and Aba have to decide among ourselves.

Instead I focussed on things the girls already do and just formalized them.

Each girl is in charge of picking up one type of item before bed.

Each girl is in charge of feeding one set of pets.

Ima and Aba have two jobs to do before bed.

You are responsible if your job isn't done. You can ask for and give help. You can do more. In one month (marked on the calendar) we will meet again and pick new jobs and pets to care for.

They were already very excited about it and kept asking to add more jobs to their list and wanting to help.

We'll see how they feel about it tomorrow night when they have to pick up their things.



Thing 1 to Thing 3: Let's hurry and go upstairs really quiet so that Ima doesn't hear us. Shhh....let's not tell Ima we're going to use all that stuff.

The whole time she was saying that, Thing 3 was looking at me smiling.


Thing 1: I don't have my unicorn down here. I need to go upstairs to get it.

Me: Okay.

Thing 3: I need to go get my frog, too.

Me: You can wait until Thing 1 comes downstairs. 

I turn away and Thing 3 does a very exaggerated tip toe towards the stairs.


A New List

In case you haven't noticed, I'm a list-maker. Big time. I had been toying with a 101 things to do in 1001 days list for a while, but never actually printed and posted it somewhere I could easily check on it. So a lot of it didn't get done. Plus things have changed for me and I felt it was time to consolidate my assorted lists into a master one and get to work. This is a combination of my Mondo Beyondo list (what I recall of it since I sent it off into the universe), my 36 Things before I'm 37 list and my previous 101/1001 list.


101/1001 List, take 3. Started 8/11/10 End date: 5/8/13


Things to do with the girls

Visit Olvera Street

Build a snowman

Ride in a hot air balloon

Go to drive-in

Griffith Observatory

Minature Golf

Horseback Riding

Star Eco Station

Seaside Lagoon

Discovery Cube

Air Show

Have a Tea Party

Baseball Game

Hollywood Bowl

Japanese Garden

Tree People


Teach them to knit



Start planning the RV trip (2015/2016)

Disney World


Go camping



Live in Israel for 3 months

Have a conversation in Hebrew

Dance at the Kotel with my girls

Volunteer for Tomchei Shabbat

Join women’s learning group

Host women’s learning for Shavuot

Machsom L’Fi



Write a Letter to the editor

Write a letter to 5 artists I appreciate (any media)

Write essay about women in Orthodoxy

Write the book

Don’t let posts languish in my drafts folder



Go Skiing

Bicycle as a family


Ice skating



S’mores on the beach by a bonfire

Visit a sheep farm



Drink only water for a week

Look into eye surgery

10,000 Steps a day for a week

Run a marathon

Donate Blood

Set-up a blood drive

Get rid of grubby clothing

Get my hair cut by a professional

Have a spa day

Restart the habit of daily vitamins

Restart the habit of early waking

Learn about medicinal herbs

Grow a medicinal herb garden


Personal Growth

Become CPR certified

Wine tasting class

TV-free for a week

Car-free for a week

Get rid of the baby weight

Burn the guilt

Leave love notes

Stop hoarding yarn

Stop hoarding Baby stuff

Stop hoarding scrapbooking stuff

Go to Blogher

Unplug for a week

Complete a 1000+ piece puzzle

Guerilla gift someone

Learn to dance

Have a serious conversation with Aba about going TV-free

Carve out “me” space in the house.

Format and set-up my computer by myself

Have  the perfect skirt (or three) made




Make sushi

Brew beer

Make soft pretzels

Make sourdough bread

Work out a soaked flour challah recipe



Refinish a table

Learn to crochet

Make soap

Yarn Bomb Beverly Hills

Start hope chests

Pottery class

Dye yarn

Learn to Kitchner

Practicing sewing

Learn to darn knitted goods



Day in the Life Of

Photo Booth

Project 365

Photo Series: What makes me happy

Get my digital photos organized and backed-up

Try lomography



Update emergency preparedness kits

Make emergency preparedness kits for cars

Have portraits taken

Conquer the basement

Review this list monthly

Find a home with a yard




One of our rituals when we go to Target is to get an Icee.

The sound of a straw gurgling up the last bits of liquid is heard.

Thing 2: That is the saddest sound in the whole world. sigh