The girls have been on a superhero kick lately. They've even created their own theme song.

Thing 1: Triplets!

Things 1, 2 and 3: Go!

Thing 1: Triplets!

Things 1, 2 and 3: Go!

Thing 2: The triplets are ready! Thing 1, the Awesome one! Thing 2, the Pretty one! Thing 3, the Cute and Sweet one! (sotto voice) She's the baby so she gets two.


Educational Goals

So the girls are heading into first grade this year and Aba is really getting into the "they aren't LEARNING anything!" panic that occasionally strikes him. I make no secret of my unschooling tendencies and spend a lot of time rehashing the philosophy with him. He does understand and agrees with a lot of it, but when he sees them hanging around and playing all day he gets a bee in his bonnet. 

What's an unschooling ima do? She makes a list of educational goals for her girls. With a twist. I asked each of them what they wanted to learn about.

Thing 1: I want to learn karate and swim.

Thing 2: I want to speak Hebrew but not with a boy teacher, ride a bike, learn about frogs so we can get one.

Thing 3: play the piano, read, knit my own hat, tell time so I can get a watch.

Admittedly, these aren't the types of things Aba would like them to learn, but they were really involved in timing their races when I asked. Looking at what they are interested in now and asking me to help them with, reading, writing, adding up their money, telling time, swimming, and Hebrew are all things they are interested in. They also want Aba to teach them parasha more often. 

So we have our educational goals for the coming year. 

Now to teach them without getting bogged down in "school at home" syndrome.


Its Done!

or I've Been Knitting Again!

Its bee a while since I've picked up the needles, but I'm back in action baby. I've been having a blast getting rid of yarn I'll never use and figuring out uses for yarn I still have. I let the girls pick out a couple matching skeins each and I'm working on hats/mittens/gloves/gauntlets/scarves/ear warmers in some combination as requested. 

First up is a hat that I pretty much re-made. It was a cap to practice two-colored knitting. Then it got a hole that I couldn't figure out how to repair to my standards. The hole was right under the colorwork so I figured I could just re-do the brim and a couple rounds of white. Then Thing 2 decided it was hers and she wanted hearts on it. And a hemmed edge. With some "waves" along the edge. It turned out pretty well except for some gauge issues with the right and left hands and that I forgot I had increased after the brim originally so there is a bit of a flare. She likes it, though.



Thing 1 doesn't like hats so she wanted a headband like I've made for various people in various yarn. She also wanted a super-soft yarn so I used a light worsted hand-dyed by Beemer Knits. Yum! 




Finally is a Baby Surprise Jacket for a friend that is technically not done but I'm counting it as done. We have the custom of not finishing baby stuff until the baby has arrived so I have some ends to weave adn buttons to sew but its all in a bag ready for baby's arrival. This was a family project as Thing 1 chose the yarn, Thing 2 chose the trim and Thing 3 chose the buttons and I did the knitting.


Baby Surprise Jacket


On my needles now? Ishbel (which I've lost interest in now that I'm *this close* to finishing) and a Pi are Square Shawl in Icelandic Unspun that I don't need until winter so it is slowly getting done. I also have another bath mat for the girls' bathroom but I hate it and don't know why I decided to do a second one since I hated the first. Go figure. 

On my queue for this week? Thing 1's mittens and a baby thing for another baby coming this fall. 

In my near future is swatching for Aba's vest, Thing 3's colorwork hat and a nerdtacular colorwork hat for myself. 

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Math is Fun!


Last week we picked up some new math cards from the dollar store. This particular set featured Scooby Doo though we also have Tinkerbell and some un-licensed cartoon kid sets. When we got home Thing 3 brought out the cards and the abacus and we got to work figuring out addition and subtraction. As she was was finishing up Thing 2 asked if she could try.

So I got busy explaining the abacus and the math symbols then we went to work. She picked it up in no time and has since begun randomly making up and solving her own equations. A win considering she's never had any interest in math unless it was how to equally divide something into three.

We have two ways of working with the cards and abacus. The first is simply to manipulate the beads and we add or subtract. Perfect for when a girl wants to work on her own. I've read some instructions suggesting that you count the first number in beads then leave a finger space before counting the second but I prefer to use two rows. It helps that this abacus has two rows of each color.

For multiple participants we each choose a color to work with and stack the cards in-between. Everyone draws a card and works out the solution. Whomever has the highest number left wins the round and collects all of the cards. When there are no more cards we count up our stacks and the most cards wins! 

I picked up the abacus at IKEA for $10 and the cards for $1-$3 depending where I found them. 


Shavuot Customs

Shavuot is coming up soon and I thought I'd share some of our family minhagim (customs).

  • Our family eats two meat and two dairy meals for the chag. usually its meat at night and dairy lunch, but this year Shavuot is motzei Shabbat. Having two heavy meals in a day (especially one late at night) doesn't sit well with Aba or I. This year Sunday night and Monday lunch will be meat and Saturday night, Sunday lunch will be dairy.
  • With meat meals we eat a dish with some type of intestine. Usually sausage (merguez) or sweetbreads. The reason is that half the holiday should be for G-d and half for us. This is a treat for us.
  • With dairy meals we eat some sort of sweetened matza or wheat. The most common (and easiest!) is to mix milk and honey and pour over crushed matza.
  • Shavuot is the traditional birthday and azkara of David haMelech so we read all of tehillim.
  • We decorate the house with flowers as a remembrance of how Har Sinai blossomed.
  • The week followiing Shavuot is called "The week of Torah" and I try to bring out something special for each meal.