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Books and More Books

These last few months have been filled with reading over here.

The girls have been breathing new life into the favorite worn toddler board books by "reading" them to each other. We've also moved away from the shorter picture books at bedtime and started reading chapter books.

Our favorite so far?

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz We've read a few of the other books in the series, but keep coming back to the original. This was the first chapter book we read because Shira found out it wasn't just a movie and asked the librariean to help her find the book.

Little House on the Prairie Our newest finished book. We started with this one and the girls are debating whether to go back to the beginning or just move forward. We've done a couple of activities and have a couple of trips lined up to go with this book.

Black Beauty We started with a short picture-book adaptation then moved on to the full book.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I found a Roald Dahl boxed set at Costco so we've been working through the books. This was the first we read and then 

The BFG Not a favorite of mine, but the girls like it and we've read it twice.

We started reading A Wrinkle in Time but it was a bit too old for the girls so its back on the shelf while we finish up on The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Then on to soemthing new!

I have a feeling when the girls start reading independently every surface of our house will be covered with books.


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