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Primal Eating

When we were in Israel two years ago both Aba and I came home weighing roughly 10 pounds less. We chalked it up to the extra walking but I think I've found an added component. Intermittent fasting!

The last couple of weeks I've been toying with eating primally. I've found that my energy is up and my noshing is down. It was difficult because I would still have a grain-heavy breakfast or lunch and find myself *needing* an afternoon coffee. I finally committed to a 21 day trial and Sunday went full-on primal.

What I've found is that when I eat a nice primal breakfast (3 eggs cooked with a bit of raw cultured butter, a cup of steamed carrots and a sliced tomatoes with a cup of tea) I can go 6 hours before I get to the "I need to eat something NOW!" point. Add a small handful of crispy almonds or some berries at the 4 hour mark and I'm fine until dinner. (Salad with homemade Asian dressing, asparagus cooked with garlic and coconut oil, 2 chicken breasts and a cup of mango.) Then I'm fine until the next morning. 

So I'm eating two large meals and a small snack between the hours of 9:30am and 6:30pm. Which is how we ate in Israel (though the times were shifted because of jet-lag) and a common part of primal eating

I don't eat like this every day. I did Sunday and Monday but I can already tell today will be a three meal day. The girls wanted smoothies for breakfast so I made myself one. It was tasty and my stomach is full, but I'm already feeling the desire to nosh. I suspect I need the sacred action of sitting to a meal and the physical action of chewing food to feel fully satiated. 

Two days in to primal eating and I feel great. I have wonderful energy and no mood swings. The only downside is that I sprained my ankle last week. I want to walk and hike, but can't. 

Happy Tuesday!

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Reader Comments (2)

I started eating a paleo/primal diet in late March and am really preferring it now. My digestion improved and I have a LOT more energy! I also lost 20 pounds in the first 6 weeks.

I made the transition in an effort to reduce some leg and joint pain I'd been having and it's also helped quite a bit with that.

My remaining challenge is the lack of restaurant options and having to cook all of the meals. I need to come up with some quick and simple meals or stock my freezer with home-cooked meals to have on hand for those times.

May 15, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterkari

Great loss and yay on the leg pain help! Your photos on FB got me looking at sugar-free. LOL

Restaurants aren't a huge issue for us because we keep kosher so there isn't a huge selection and so many are not-too-tasty and all are over-priced.

My guess is that there are posts over at Marks Daily Apple about finding restaurant options.

May 16, 2012 | Registered CommenterMiriam

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