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Sad About Discovery

Banking gently

Banking Gently by Flying Jenny on Flickr

I'm really sad about the end of the Space Shuttle program. It seems just another thing that we don't care about anymore. The idea of people going into space is foreign to my girls. Granted they are only six, but I've seen the same sentiment expressed throughout the internet.

I tried explaining how my entire school sat around watching when the Challenger took off because it was the first flight with a "real live normal person" on board. Then we all sat glued watching the coverage of the disaster. Then Discovery made that first post-disaster flight and we were glued to the TV again.

Now flights into space are only book or movie fodder in my girls' imaginations. Or something other countries do. Instead the US spends it time and money stopping small farmers from selling raw milk or minimally processed foods, pushing parents to send their kids to school at ever earlier ages and vaccinating with aggressive schedules and under-tested drugs. 

Alas, history is just so much more fun than reading the newspaper.

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