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Another Visit to LACMA

Yesterday the girls were asking for a museum trip. Since it was Monday, most of our usual picks were closed so we ended up at the LA County Museum of Art. We brought a friend along to enjoy the day with us. 

Unfortunately they were busy removing installations from the Broad Contemporary Art Museum including one of the Richard Serra pieces. We did get in to see the Human Nature exhibition which closes on July , 2011. This was a great treat because the girls were fascinated by the miniature elevators by Maurizio Cattelan. Thing 3 (my little engineer) was especially interested in seeing how they worked.


We also had a chance to see the Egyptian exhibit and explain avodah zarah to them. We've come across the concept of idol worship and not making an image of HaShem before but I've had a hard time explaing what it was. Seeing the scultures of Egyptian idols brought it home. I was immensly grateful to have another adult with me while working through their questions.

Shockingly the major disappointment of the day was that I didn't bring along their art journals. So I promised another trip in a couple weeks when the new contemporary art exhibits are open along with some new journals and a pack of sharp colored pencils.

If you live or visit the Los Angeles area and have a child under 17 there is no excuse not to visit LACMA often! Their NexGen program includes free entrance for children under 17 plus an accompanying adult. (Since I have three girls, I was able to bring a guest for free!) Special exhibits are extra, but we've been three times in the past five months and still haven't seen all of the free stuff. You need to join. Seriously.

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