Thing 1: Are you okay?

Thing 3: Someone left their computer plugged in and I TRIPPED!

Thing 1: Um, that's your computer.


I wish I could figure out what sets me off. I've moment I'm having a lovely day then I doze a bit and have whacked out dreams. The rest of the day I'm a blubbering mess and at 3:00 am ask the all to familiar question: "why can't I sleep?"

I suppose this is why grief is so hard on family and friends. They are just as confused by the emotions as you are.


Making an Unschool Day Fit a School Record Sheet

Aba and I have decided to go with a public charter school this year. (More on the whys of that choice later.) Its a bit difficult for me because of my unschooling tendencies and I'm determined not to sacrifice as much as I can. What's amazing is that if you think things through an unschoolish wind down day from the holidays fits into the monthly "what we learned sheet" quite nicely.

Reading/Writing: Read Meet Caroline, played Scrabble Junior, worked on Handwriting Without Tears book 2 (Thing 3) and book 1 (Thing 2).

Life Skills/PE: Took apart sukkah, carried poles and boxes, took a walk.

History: Talked about War of 1812. Watched I Love Lucy (Vitameatavegamin episode) and talked about TV history (how they were made, black and white, ads).

Math: counted pieces of sukkah to determine what was missing. Played Candyland

Science: Watched Wild Kratts and Zoboomafoo. Looked up cats and zebras in our Wilderness book. Debated who would win in three-way fight with zebra, giraffe and cheetah. Looked up each animal to verify hypotheses.

Special Interest: Read Hebrew book, colored, drew pictures

If I actually had to turn this in, I'd have taken photos of the different activities and brought copies of art ond workbook sheets. This was one day, though, and I only meet with the teacher once a month so I'm sure we'll be adding more games, books, discussions, looking things up, projects and outings. (We have a book club outing, a hike, a dance class, a book share, and a Natural History museum trip before our next meeting.)

My intention is to not make the girls realize we have changed anything other than meeting with our teacher once a month. So far, so good.


My New Motto

To-do list from before my world changed.


If it doesn't have to be done and I don't enjoy it, I'm not going to do it.


So my grand plans to sell all of the girls' old clothes? Forget it. They are going to a charity shop unless a couple of people want some stuff. Same with the diapers and woolies. And trikes and helmets and toys. Very little that I have here is worth enough money to take me away from hanging with my girls.

Now, when I first told this to Aba, he freaked out thinking that I was just going to sit around for a year. I'm not. The girls asked me to go to the zoo. At the same time I'm trying to clean out the basement. Instead of spending months organizing and selling the stuff there, I'm going to donate most of it and head to the zoo. And Disneyland. And finishing How To Be A Pirate. And sewing clothes for Radar.

And the basement will still get cleared out. Then my sewing machine and scrapbooking supplies will have a home and there will be a couple of tables for the girls to work with me.

Because, really, I never want to find a to-do list where I've done the unimportant things and "haven't gotten around to" doing the important things.


One Week

And I feel so lost. Like I should be doing something. Instead I'm sitting here refereeing between the girls.